Sunday Morning…

…should always start with some Sunday Morning music. As some of you may know I decided at the ripe old age of 61 to learn to play the piano. I found myself a cheap but very comprehensive course on line which I’ve been dipping in to along with free videos on YouTube – I’m not going to pull up any musical roots but I’m loving it nonetheless. One of the Brennan family’s favourite albums of the noughties was Maroon 5’s Songs About Jane and from said album is the perfect Sunday Morning song – entitled…

ermm Sunday Morning!

I found the chords for this on a great little site called Riffstation which is useful if you want to work out the chords for a song and they show them in either guitar of keyboard format. Some of the voicings can be a bit iffy so you might have to plough through a bit to find one that’s sounds accurate but a useful resource nonetheless.

So yer ‘tiz – Maroon 5 – Sunday Morning – enjoy!

So what’s going on?

The idea is to move away from Faceache on a day to day basis but to carry on posting things that I find of interest without having to trawl through the ever growing fuckwittery on social media.

I’m very new to blogging so no doubt I’ll get a lot wrong and I’ll work on pretty-fying the page as I get a handle on it a bit more but hopefully you’ll stay in touch through the comments section.

So I’ll be linking you to the normal sort of rubbish, the jokes from the likes of The Daily Mash who have the ability to sums things up just in their headlines quite often without the need to go in to the post-truth article, for example Those Mash jokers and Waterford Whispers an Irish equivalent to the Mashmeisters.

Sciency stuff like- Do we live in a holographic universe – (you may have to sign up to read it but it’s free so it’s not a bother) and naturally loads of others things that tickle the funny bones or move me in some way.

Whether it will be just a one blog a day thing or as I find something of interest I’ll just bung it up. Hopefully I’ve linked this to FB so you can follow either/or there or here, dunno, let’s see how it goes.

Oh! And gin, musn’t forget gin 🙂

Cheers have a nice Sunday!





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