What Lithium and Where From?

You see the problem is even ‘green’ propulsion has its environmental consequences. How we produce the electricity to charge the batteries in the electric vehicles is fraught with environmental issues but whenever I see an article on such issues some know it all (this happens a lot on Linked In) or should that be “no to it all” is keen to point out the problems as if these are our final solutions. They are not, these are just stepping stones to get us off our addiction to fossil fuels.

Then there’s the mining of lithium for the batteries. We are all happy enough to use battery driven devices for which lithium has been mined. Doesn’t affect us though does it as the lithium is mined elsewhere….until now that is.

Looks like lithium mining could be hitting the holiday county of Cornwall within the next the few years. Now it’s not as though Cornwall doesn’t have a history of mining, in fact Cornish has been trading tin for millenia but will the current inhabitants be quite so happy about the environmental impact the lithium mining will bring to the county?

This article outlines what lithium mining will mean to Cornwall – it makes for interesting reading – cue nimby mania?

Lithium mining about to hit Cornwall?



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