A Day In The Life Of A Gog

So yesterday for Sunday dinner we had roast pork flavoured with garlic and rosemary, there was a poncey Italian name for it in the recipe book but I’ve forgotten it, something along the lines of Arosti Fiorentina – anyhow it was yummy and the remainder ended up in my lunch time sarny today. Win, win!

Mrs.B also knocked up a very nice Carrot cake with a middle eastern twist thus there wasn’t any flour but ground almonds were used instead along with ‘desecrated’ coconut and chopped pistachios, equally yummy. Another slice awaits me as we speak – well we don’t want it to go stale now do we?

Quiet day at work awaiting work to be assessed and no doubt changed (because they can) so the music has been mellow, I’ve fallen for Laura Nyro lately – why didn’t I know about her back in the day?  You can hear her influences on the likes of Joni Mitchell and Kate Bush but she never really cracked it as a big name especially not on this side of the pond. Which is a pity – if you like Joni try this track –


Just been trawling through some old posts and came across this discovery who I promptly forgot about! How could I? This is fab –


To quote my old buddy Dave (everyone has a mate called Dave don’t they?) – too much good music and not enough time!

And then randomly YouTube follows up with this track – never heard of her but she must have been a rarity in the 60s – black, female singer/guitarist and a left hander to boot! It’s an R n’ B vibe, well worth a listen (real R n’ B that is not the name appropriated modern stuff)


Ha! Ha! This just came up on YouTube, Jonathan Pie is so on point and I just love the way he switches as soon as the ‘broadcast’ begins – very clever satire  –  he’d get my vote!  Mind you, who was it who said they’d never want to vote for someone who wants to be a politician?


Toodle pip!


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