Another week Bites The Dust

Well how time flies!

Been a busy week this week, what with fighting gamely most of the week against ‘man flu’, having a busy week at the day time job, spinning down to Gloucester to check up on my big Sis who’s in hospital at the moment I’ve hardly had time to come up with anything of interest to post.

However this article about our Design Chief at Jaguar appeared on the radar this week –

A Day In The Life Of Ian Callum


I’m trying to gather my news and information form different media these days and I came across this article questioning the style of democracy in the UK. Worth a read.

A Better Democracy needed?


And of course we need our good pals at The Daily Mash to bring us down to earth with their usual pithy wit, for instance


So what music have I been listening to this week – tons as usual! But this tune popped in to my head during the week. Always had a soft spot for Toto



I also ordered the 180g vinyl edition of The Spin Doctors first album A Pocket Full of Kryptonite, I can hear those great opening chords of the first track Jimmy Olsen’s Blues as I type – ah feck it here it is!


Now because I’m an Amazon Prime member I automatically got a free mp3 download of the album which prompted me to have a nose around Amazon music and found loads of great jazz to stream so that will keep me happy at work for a while.


Oh yes and I must share this with you. I belong to a local network called where you can post up stuff to give away, put shout outs for work needing doing and so on. This gem came up this week –

‘would local lady like to share allotment St marys sourtherm rd ,,with gent thats not being fully used’.

That was duly sent to the News Quiz, I hope they use it 🙂

I also stumbled upon a fabulous production of JM Synge’s Playboy Of The Western World on Radio 4. The wonderful use of hiberno-english is an absolute delight. Well worth a listen

The Playboy Of The Western World

What I didn’t realise was how controversial the play was at the time, the wiki page is very enlightening – wiki link


So what else is happening – well the soda bread is made and the Paul Hollywood Bloomer mix is rising nicely just awaiting being knocked back for the second rise.



and of course it wouldn’t be me if there wasn’t a daft post with an excruciating pun in it, so not wishing to disappoint, here you go


I thank you 🙂

Toodle pip!




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