This Week I Are Mainly Reading….

So there I was doing my KP duties after the Sunday meal and on the radio comes a travesty of a version of Black’s ‘Wonderful Life’ by Katie Melua and the listener who sent it in as a proposal had the audacity to wax lyrical about the version. I’m sorry but it was awful!

As the Harry Enfield character would say ‘Oi, Melua! You may well be BBC Radio 2 sweetheart songstress but NO! You are not fit to clean Colin Vearncombe’s boots, do one!!’

And on top of that Al Jarreau has passed away. A wonderful jazz/soul voice whom I didn’t listen enough to,  much to my chagrin


I’ve just had a count up and I’ve already at least eleven articles lined up to share so I best get on with it.

With my great love of music I think this chap deserves an honourable mention this week, the inventor of recorded stereo sound, with the earliest going back to the ’30s (click on link below picture for article)


I don’t know if you’ve been Watching the series Taboo on BBC 1, thoroughly enjoyable but it did raise questions as to who exactly the East India Company were. I knew a few snippets of information but this might explain more if you are interested

The East India Company

Talking of trade, I wonder how many of our dear Brexiteers were aware that we already have in place seperate trade deals with eastern European countries over and above anything covered by the EU and it would appear still legally binding upon exit. Whoops! Didn’t tell you about that on the side of the bus did they?

Deals already in place with eastern Europe

Mind you according to this article the EU is about to bugger it all up with this fiscal move – EU about to do something stupid and it does make one wonder if that was the move that prompted Germany to bring home all their gold that they’d stashed away during the Cold War – are they gearing up from the new Deutschemark ?


Okay so time has moved on apace this week so I’m having to rush through some of the more arcane articles that I think may be of interest.

If security on the net is becoming more and more of a worry you should think about using Tor – there should have been a link below the picture but it’s gone for the moment. I need to find the article again but it’s on another computer. However you’re smart enough to look up what Tor is all about aren’t you?   …..    Okay, panic over, I’ve found it



Melvyn Barg’s Radio 4 show In Our Time is always an interesting listen and it has now reached it’s 750th show  – the link takes you to listeners top 10 favourite programmes.


Famous Lefty

If like me you are cack-handed you may want to have a read of this list of facts and myths about our superiority – Lefties Rule KO!


And as if Brexit and Trump wern’t enough to twist your melon, man they are now positing crystals that move in time. WTF? I believe is the vernacular


But at least there is some good news in the post-truth, alternative facts half-world we appear to living in, that beacon of satire and investigative journalism the Private Eye is boasting larger than ever circulation figures, I assume it’s because people are eagerly seeking the truth…that or are just desperate for a laugh in these bleak times.

Private Eye – What A Scorcher!

And finally if you are enjoying my little round up of the more esoteric and IMHO interesting things on the interweb please could you follow the blog as this will give me more presence and authenticity with searches etc – cheers m’dears 🙂


Toodle Pip!




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