Interesting TED Talk

There are some useful tips here in how to engage on the internet, quite a transformation for this young lady if you know anything about the Westboro Baptist Church.   I grew up in the Westboro Baptist Church. Here’s why I left | Megan Phelps-Roper – YouTube Advertisements

Poets Day

Every Friday is poets day, so to celebrate a little bit of Hue and Cry to ease you in to the weekend. Enjoy!

Eye Movement Therapy for Trauma

Like EFT before it eye movement therapies are starting to appear more and more in the mainstream media. Why? Because moving the eyes around in a specific pattern whilst addressing past traumatic events alleviates the emotions attached to the event. Fact. Well for most clients anyhow. Nothing is 100% guaranteed and you’d be wise not…

Why the hell didn’t I know…

…about this album before???????????? Apropos a conversation with Kit my nephew-in-law, I decided to check out some Roy Harper music. I’d seen him in the 70s but he never grabbed me musically then. So after a quick Wiki I decided to plump for Harper’s Stormcock album from 1971. OMG!! What a fabulous album. I feel like…

RIP Brian Pern

I was shocked to only find out tonight about the passing of one of my teenage heroes. He will be sadly missed. I always regret not seeing him at The Guildhall in Plymouth but I was playing table tennis that night.