Unto Will Self Be True

a good read

Radio 4 is a fabulous service but there are certain programmes which I would
classify in the faint praise category of ‘nice’. A Good Read is one such programme.
I normally get to hear about half of it on my drive home whilst waiting for the
Steve Wright Show on Radio 2 to finish, making it safe to re-tune without having to
put up with that idiot. I ask you, they had a bit of a re-jig on Radio 2 condemning Sounds Of The Sixties to stupid o’clock, no doubt on the basis that the old gits will be up early enough thanks to their weak bladders and yet they keep that anachronism Steve Wright and his sycophantic ‘posse’ on air at prime time!! Grrrr…..

So anyway back to ‘A Good Read’ – the host and a couple of guests each week get to
suggest a book to read and these then get discussed and it’s all very middle England,
mid-brow stuff.

Until this week! Oh boy, Will Self was one of the guests. He was brilliantly naughty,
making me both love him and loathe him in equal measure but still end up admiring
him for shaking the show up. It will never be the same again or more likely, thinking
about it, it will probably become resolutely much more of what they think it should be. Maybe
the likes of Self won’t be invited to the book club again, which would be a shame.

You can find this episode here if you are that way inclined – A Good Read


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