He Came Bearing Gifts….


The beauty of having a son in the drinks trade is that he is always sourcing interesting beverages for us to sample. For example, above is a bottle from the first batch of Dingle Whiskey. I don’t think I’ll open this one though as it could be quite a rare one in a few years time. Last time I was over in Kinsale we sampled the new whiskies from the Midleton Distillery under the label Method and Madness this was my fave –


This is a single pot still Irish whiskey matured in sherry and bourbon barrels and then finished in french chestnut. Definitely a special occasion drop as it goes at about 60 quid a bottle!

As those of you who know me will be aware I am a fan of the craft gins as well so Liam also grabbed a bottle of the Dingle Gin which we are all looking forward to sampling.


And last but not least a few craft beers from the burgeoning Irish craft beer scene. I’m not a great fan of some of the weird and wonderful beers coming out on the scene, I’m very much an old school, real ale sort of chap but I am really enjoying the stouts that the craft beer boys are producing. Armed with this knowledge Liam also brought these over for me. I am going to be busy man over the next few months (being the lightweight that I am I don’t, believe it or not, drink a lot – quality over quantity has always been my motto).


The White Hag Brewery is of special interest because Liam and me have ‘sponsored’ a barrel at this brewery, a form of crowd funding and for our investment we get 6x75cl bottles of beer per year for 3 years out of the barrel.

For more info go here .

Barrel Cert

We also get to visit the barrel once a year at the brewery’s  now (in)famous party. These boys actually can organise a p*ss up in a brewery!!

White Hag store


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