Time For A Rant



As soon as we get an online presence our data is mined. I get that – but what really pisses me off is when I repeatedly get offered something I’ve already purchased or viewed. Dear Mr.Amazon I’ve bought the thing stop offering 101 other versions of it!!! Surely you can write a bit of code that says – was it purchased?  If Yes then No follow ups needed.

Likewise on Youtube, I found a very good video explaining the Circle of Fifths, some of which I understood. Now all I get is suggestions for videos for the Circle Of Fifths, the majority of which are from some spotty ‘Erbert in his bedroom who should get out in the sun a bit more!

It’s no wonder there is more and more distrust of the news on social media, you just get fed more of the same of what you view.

Try becoming your own search engine, don’t always use Google, the search results are skewed or bought so the interesting things could be a long way down the tail. Think for yourself or at least try to find interesting websites which might be thought provoking.

for instance these good people – The Conversation – academic driven website, always has something worth reading

or perhaps Big Think which is a bit more esoteric and very America-centric but it is an alternative 🙂

The Canary  can be a bit Dave Spart (old Private Eye character IIRC) at times but they do offer an alternative to the mainstream media although the ads are a bit annoying but at least they’ve got Jezza’s back.

If you’ve any good sites you could recommend please put them in the comments section I’m always on the look out for alternative streams of interest.

Thanks, rant over. I feel better now 🙂


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