Love’s In Need Of Love Today


Stevie Wonder’s great song from the classic album Songs In The Key Of Life extolling the fact that we need more love going around. Apart from the obvious Beatles song, All You Need Is Love what other songs can you think of that exhort us to be more loving to each other or decry that there’s not enough love going around?



2 thoughts on “Love’s In Need Of Love Today

  1. There are many songs that provoke us to feel the need to be kinder to others. Songs such as Feed the world, Streets of Londonistan, Imagine, He ain’t heavy and Ernie, (whose early demise came from fighting for his greatest love with an added emotive of a shilling on the side) remind us that there are others less fortunate than us.
    However, I don’t mean to be the naughty kid in the class that throws the skipping stone tangent but we can also be moved to think of others by a love that is lost. Namely, and it is my all time favourite, ‘If you could read my mind’ by Gordon Lightfoot. After listening and the words that will resurface a memory listen to it again but this time listen to the orchestral strings. The strings are distinct from the melody and lyrics but yet they compliment each other which for me is why this song is so poignant. It conjures the picture of two people who no matter how well they suit can’t be one. That is why it makes this one of the most sad but beautiful songs ever which stimulates a considerate and sympathetic thought for others.

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