And Back In The Room…

After a fabulous weekend celebrating our birthdays on Saturday and Sunday respectively me and the memsaab are back in our daily routines.But it was a fabulous weekend.

Friday and Saturday were spent in ‘that there’ London as people are wont to call it these days. Friday evening we took in DreamGirls at the Savoy Theatre and it was A-MAY-ZING! Fabulous production and the vocals were awesome, a must see if you can get hold of a ticket, which are apparently about as rare as a politician answering the question!

Saturday saw us (for ‘us’ read Angela) shopping ’til we dropped and then blagging in to Maxwell’s in Covent Garden for a trip down memory lane, as we used to imbibe there in the 80s and where Angie had her hen-do back in ’86. We decided not to go for the cocktails though as for some reason Angela was not up for a Slow Comfortable Screw Up Against The Wall…..and I wasn’t certainly going to pay for one, not at those prices!!!


Sunday saw us on the ol’ rattler again up to Cheltenham to take in a bit of the Jazz Festival mainly to see Snarky Puppy but I took the chance to see Chick Corea as well as he’s an old fave from way back when. Snarky were brilliant, such fabulous musicianship and so tight! Awesome band, awesome.

Anf finally yesterday we wended (wound?) our weary way home but it was capped off in the evening with grandson Finn finally getting the hang of walking, much to his own excitement as well as ours.

Life is good.


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