Apropos nothing at all…


As is my wont, whilst reading about United’s match tonight against Celta Vigo I thought, where actually in Spain is Vigo? I vaguely knew it was top left but that was about it. And yes it is, in Gallicia close to the Portuguese border. I also learned that they have their own distinct language there which is linguistically closer to Portuguese than Spanish which seems obvious looking at the geography but I also learned that it is one of the wettest regions in Europe due to it’s proximity with the Atlantic, who’d have thought it?

So it leads to the fact that United should feel at home then shouldn’t they? come on you shirts!


5 thoughts on “Apropos nothing at all…

  1. For a start your comment has one too many ‘t’s.
    I visited Vigo a couple of years ago. I was told they have an infinity with Scotland hence Celta de Vigo is the football teams name.
    A Coruña is up the road and are football rivals. Because Vigo are close to Portugal the La Coruña fans taught by calling the Vigo fans Portuguese. The Vigo fans who managed to escape occupation from the Moors respond by calling the Coruña fans, Turks.


    • Yet again you’ve got me Andrew, can you please explain the reference to too many ‘ts’. I’ve re-read it a couple of times and can’t see what you are referring to and being the old pedant that I am I’m happy for others to proof read. Cheers old pal. As far as the Celta thing goes wiki just says it due to old celtic roots in the region so who knows? Nice to know that they have a local derby to fire up the bellies but I’m sure the La Coruña taunt rather than taught (see I just can’t help the pedantry, blame the grammar school movement of the 60s, not my fault guv it was those nasty Tories and their edjoocashun policies).


      • Soz. I meant ‘r’s. I ruined an hilarious joke there.
        I meant taunt too but that wasn’t a joke.


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