Oooh! These are cool chords

As some of you may be aware that at the ripe old age (not ripe as in smelly BTW!) of 62 I’ve been teaching myself to play the piano – with the aid of numerous online resources. I’m not looking to perform in public but it was an itch that needed scratching as I had about 10 piano lessons as a kid until I realised I’d rather be out playing footy with my mates. A decision I’ve always regretted.

Musically I was very much a Motown, Soul and Reggae kind of chap until I went to Reading Rock Festival in ’72 which opened me up to so much more but that’s another story…

One of the resources I dip in to every now and again is this guy in the video, a lot of the music theory goes over my head but I just had to share the sound of these wonderful chords, so if funky, smooth Neo Soul is your bag ( I refuse to use the term RnB!!) then these are for you – enjoy!!

Jeff Schneider’s funky Neo soul Chords



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